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We’re a Colombian and Cajun couple with two little ones dedicated to make the most of bag of coffee at a time!

Our company started with the dream of brining you the best coffee Colombia has to offer!

My name is Natalia Hernandez Choate and I am originally from Colombia. My husband Nick and I are passionate about coffee and when we had our firstborn son, he inspired us to launch this company offering the very best Colombian coffee. Niko, our house and signature blend is inspired Nico, our first son who unknowingly encouraged us to start this amazing and delicious journey. Three years later we welcomed our daughter Lucia into the family who post-pandemic encouraged me to leave my architecture profession and focus solely on Nube9Coffee formerly known as NIKO Cafe Coffee. 

We are continuously working on bringing you the best coffee to elevate your coffee experience.  Soon you will get to experience our mobile coffee trailer all around Acadiana which has been a working progress and a dream come true. 
Lastly, we are expanding our coffee blends to bring specialty coffees from different regions of Colombia with unique flavors, aromas and experiences.  

For the latest and greatest of our journey, please follow us on social media (Instagram app) @Nube9coffee and (Facebook app)

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