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We’re a Colombian and Cajun couple with two little ones dedicated to make the most of bag of coffee at a time!

We are a local Cajun company offering 100% gourmet Colombian coffee!

This company started with a dream of having our own brand of 100% high quality coffee in the United States. We are passionate about our coffee and know that once you taste Niko Cafe coffee you are going to love it. Niko is arabica coffee beans harvested in the center of Colombia known as the 'Coffee Belt' where most of Colombia's coffee is harvested. Our coffee is roasted to satisfy the middle blend between a medium and dark roast. It is a strong yet smooth coffee that will have you dreaming of your next cup. Our name came from our son Nico who unknowingly encouraged us on this amazing and delicious journey!

Niko coffee is a registered brand with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, certifying 100% Colombian Coffee in every bag. 

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